ISLAMABAD - Even after relinquishing the charge of President of Pakistan on September 8, Asif Ali Zardari will have little to worry about, as on one hand in the absence of Chairman NAB none of the pending corruption cases against him could be restored while on the other hand the tamed Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) government seemed least bothered about pursuing the corruption cases against him (Zardari) in home as well as abroad.

Some six corruption cases against President Zardari are pending with NAB courts and all of these cases were adjourned sane die when he stepped into the office of President of Pakistan, who under the constitution has immunity against all sort of criminal proceedings till the time he is in the office of the President.

But now he would lose all the perks and privileges when he would relinquish the office of President on September 8 and under the law he would also lose the presidential immunity against criminal proceedings.

Interestingly even after losing the presidential immunity and other perks and privileges on September 8 when he would relinquish the office of the President, no corruption cases pending against him in the NAB court could be reopened as the same would require the formal request from the office of the Chairman NAB, the slot vacant for past several months.

In the light of the information gathered from various sources it could safely be said that the appointment of new chairman would at least take another month or so because so far no formal meeting between the Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly and Prime Minister, the main consultees in making appointment of Chairman NAB, could take place.

Sources in the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) informed The Nation that the party leadership was least interested in vigorously pursuing the corruption cases against President Zardari and they would let the cases die their natural death in the courts of law.

Although soon after taking over the reins of power Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif had announced on the floor of the National Assembly that they would make the looters and plunderers of national wealth to cough up each and every penny of the taxpayers money, yet when it come to practice they were contrary to their claims, as no serious attempt was made by the government to get the money laundering case against President Zardari revived in Switzerland, which was neutralised on technical grounds by the previous government.

Legal and constitutional experts were of the view that the case against President Zardari in Switzerland could be revived with a little effort but instead of making some effort to get the case restored the PML-N government was sleeping on the matter raising suspicion of complicity with Pakistan People’s Party.

Sources aware of the development on this front said that back home the government would likely show laxity to President Zardari in the pending cases against him in NAB courts and most likely even after reopening of the cases after the appointment of Chairman NAB the government would let these cases die down through legal course.

It is interesting to note here that President Zardari is the only surviving Bhutto family members to face these cases as the other accused in these corruption cases - Benazir Bhutto and her mother Begum Nusrat Bhutto - are no more and the pending corruption references to their level were closed down.

Right now the cases, which would be restored after stepping down of Asif Ali Zardari on September 9 included the alleged kickbacks from SGS PSI Company, grant of licence to ARY Gold causing huge loss to government, illegal gratification and undue pecuniary advantage in the form of commission in purchase of URSUS tractors under the Awami Tractor Scheme[in Switzerland a bank account named DARGAL Association (offshore company) was used to receive the kickbacks], illegal award of contract to Cotecna for pre-shipment, assets beyond means, received kickbacks from Sajjad Ahmad (late) ex-chairman Pakistan Steel Mills, illegal construction of Polo ground at PM House and the money laundering SGS Swiss case.

In some of the abovementioned cases President Zardari remained the only accused as the National Accountability Courts after trial had acquitted the rest of the accused while the cases against some of the accused including Benazir Bhutto, Nusrat Bhutto and a few others including former chairman CDA Shafi Sahwani were dropped after their demise.

Those who were released after trial included Salman Farooqi, Saeed Mehdi, AR Siddiqui, former Chief Secretary Punjab Brigadier (Retd) Aslam Hayat Qureshi, former Secretary Trade Javed Talat, former federal minister Yousaf Talpur and former Director General Agricultural Development AMH Kango.