The incident involving a PIA junior copilot delaying scheduled PK 303 at Lahore Airport on September 1, with hundreds of revenue paying passengers on board, till such time that his car was loaded onto the aircraft, reveals magnitude of indiscipline, due to lack of accountability, not only in PIA, but also CAA.

No individual according to ICAO and CAA rules can drive a vehicle onto the tarmac, without holding a valid ramp driving license, from regulatory body. Question arises who inspected the vehicle as per SOP, before it was loaded and was the fuel depleted to minimum level required for air transportation? What was the ASF or PIA security etc doing and why did they not stop this unauthorised vehicle, from entering sensitive area, in spite of recent red alarm for heightened security at all civil and military airports?

With indiscipline swelling within rank and file of PIA and unqualified cronies of mediocre capability at helm, holding key posts in Executive Corridors at Head Office and key foreign and domestic stations, there seems to be no hope for revamping this once prestigious national airline. Should it not baffle our imagination that the CAA officials pilfered billions of rupees during past few years, by pocketing parking fee of ISAF equipment carrying chartered aircraft making night stopovers at Karachi? What if these aircraft were carrying mercenaries and equipment used in subversive acts in Pakistan, while records pertaining to their long parking are missing?

All this could not have happened without the consent of DG CAA, CFO, Director Operations, Karachi Airport SATCO, Airport Manager, ASF, ATC etc. If all this could happen at our airports than there should be no surprise that 19,000 containers, mostly with fake documentation, went missing after leaving the port, in presence of customs, security, intelligence agencies, coast guards, NI etc?. It is this massive unchecked institutionalised corruption within our establishment, that facilitates terrorists, providing them with ammunition and free entry and exit from numerous check-posts manning sea and air transportation entry or exit points of this country. How can we even talk of controlling the menace of terrorism with such open borders?


Peshawar, September 3.