The efforts of Murtaza Solangi have borne fruit, and All India Radio is all set to give Pakistan master tapes of two speeches made by the founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Few records of the Quaid’s words were able to be made in those times, and to find two speeches preserved in India is a boon. Mr Solangi, for his efforts deserves our applause and appreciation.

In a country where various narratives of history compete for attention, it has never quite been a priority to secure national treasures such as these speeches. Even bricks and mortar heritage sites have succumbed to decay due to criminal neglect. In some places, the Quaid’s legacy, is under attack in more ways than one. Joseph Colony went up in flames, the Ziarat residency was burnt to the ground, and every day life in the country has developed into a routine that would grieve the founding fathers.

A nostalgic reminder of our history, hearing the Quaid’s voice in these stressful times may give a sense of renewed hope in the Pakistan of yore, to a people ground to despair by daily circumstance. The two speeches will be heard in Pakistan 66 years after they were made.

It is a kindly gesture of the Indian government to acknowledge the value of these recordings for Pakistan, and to not just send a copy, but the master tapes themselves. The historical value of the tape containing the first address of the Quaid to the first Pakistani Assembly cannot be overemphasized. Addressing a nation on the morn of it’s birth, the speech was delivered on 14 August, 1947 and it’s re-broadcast is eagerly awaited.

According to available transcripts, the Quaid thanked the Assembly for electing him as the first President of Pakistan, and extended his gratitude to the countries that offered their friendship to a newborn nation in one of the speeches.  

After 66 years, it seems the need to revisit the words of a great leader are not diminished. In a difficult time for our people, once again Jinnah is to speak for hope and tolerance, and encourage the erasure of divisions to become one country, united with one goal, born out of adversity as a minority and realized of the need for compassion and kindness, equality and justice. The lesson we have not learnt for 66 years, may be set to be repeated for us in these poignant recordings. One can only hope we finally listen.