LAHORE - Right under the nose of Airport Manager of Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIAP), a training school management is minting millions of rupees from the people seeking training for aircraft maintenance engineer, reveals documents available with The Nation.

Although an FIR has already been lodged against the illegally-run school head and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has distanced itself from the matter, incumbent Airport Manager Rashid M Hussain is reluctantly not calling to halt it.

Also the school management was busy on Wednesday in receiving huge fees from four students in the name of admissions.

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer School was established at AIIAP in 2009. The school management, including Syed Tahir Hassan Zaidi and his son Syed Tahir, started receiving millions from students for the disciplines they were not supposed to teach.

Arshad Khan, father of student Salman Shareef Khan, told The Nation that license of this school was cancelled in the year 2011 by CAA but its management continued the illegal business.

On July 21 this year, he continued, the CAA got a public notice published in the press and alienated itself from ‘Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Training Institute Lahore’. The notice said that the school was unrecognised by CAA and the training courses, being taught there, are not allowed.

He added the CAA reserves the rights to take action against such institutions or individuals who engage in using name or logo of the CAA illegally. The CAA notice also warned the general public that the CAA would not be responsible for any monetary or administrative issue of the school.

Arshad Khan became applicant in an FIR, registered with the Civil Lines police, against Syed Tahir under section 489/F and refunded with Rs565,000, the fee he paid for his son’s three-year diploma in Aeronautical Engineering last October. His son, studying there, after three to four months informed his father about his suspicions of a few irregularities. The applicant, in the FIR, mentioned all about he made his efforts succeed after a lot of hurdles and delaying tactics from the respondents’ side.

Two Iraqi brothers, Ahmad and Maan, have also been deprived of their Rs1.8m by the school management in the name of training. Father of these students, Aqeel Anjum, contacted Pakistan Embassy in Iraq and his case was taken up with CAA here, which forced to get the school’s license cancelled.

But the CAA was not ready to get this school closed down, due to reasons best known to Airport manager.

It is also revealed that a rent of Rs0.15m was being received by CAA every month for the school that has been reduced to Rs70000 by now.

When contacted, Ashraf Shad, the General Manager Works of CAA, said that it was related to Airworthiness department. He said that the license was not cancelled but not renewed.

Clarifying his position, school’s owner Syed Tahir said that he was imparting training to students as per agreement. “Several students of mine are serving different airlines and some influential who are well connected in CAA are blackmailing him”, he stated.