Javeed Hashmi has shown us the ugly face of those who have abused this country for over six decades. Our decline, from a modern democratic welfare state, to a country where paid public servants have no qualms in stating that morals, ethics and universally accepted norms have no value, is regrettable. It’s as if the basic purpose of seeking independence was not to improve quality of life for the masses but acquiring of personal wealth by enslaving the masses. We live in a country where instead of following the legacy of Quaid-e-Azam, who believed that modern democratic welfare state could only function if constitution is supreme, law prevails, and corruption is removed swiftly and courageously, we have turned to promoting all these evils.

The level of decadence, to which we have fallen, is clear; 16 Chinese companies, 6 Turkish and one Canadian company, which were blacklisted by World Bank and ADB are working with our government since 2000. We have been signing contracts with them, resulting in bankruptcy of important state owned institutions like Railways, WAPDA, Oil and Gas sector, NHA, NICL, PIA, Ports & Shipping etc. Squandering public funds and tax evasion has become privilege of the ruling elite and are accepted as necessary evil.

This is a country where paid and elected public office holders, including those appointed to head vital financial, security and regulatory bodies hold dual nationality, jeopardizing our security. They live in houses spread over hundreds of acres, pay minimal taxes and own large factories which evade taxes or paying the electricity bills, plunging the nation into darkness. All such evil forces must be ousted or apprehended and made to pay what is due, and we need to rebuild a better nation.


Lahore, September 3.