At least 12 persons including four women were killed in different incidents of violence and enmity and mishaps over the past 48 hours.

According to details, in Bahawalpur, a man killed his wife over family dispute in Chak 111/P Rahim Yar Khan.

As per reports, Amna Ashraf was married off to Irfan Ali, a resident of Chak 134/P some three months ago. Some 15 days ago, Irfan went to Dubai for work and in his absence Amna developed disputes with his in-laws which took ugly shape and Irfan had to come back home.

In the meanwhile, they had an argument as a result of which Irfan with the help of his father Bashir Ahmad, brother Muhammad Akram and his sisters grabbed Amna and hanged her, killing her instantly.

However, they told Amna’s parents that their daughter had died of a heart attack while informed the police that she had committed suicide. However, the police took Irfan and his father into custody who during investigation confessed to have killed the woman.

In another incident in Aziz Colony, 12-year-old Ali Hassan was found dead on National Highway near a petrol pump. The police arrived on spot and took the dead body in custody. Meanwhile, Hassan’s father Mumtaz Ahmad told the police that criminals Rehman, Imran, Yousaf and others wanted to take him to bad society but he refused. He suspected that these persons might have killed his son.

Police registered a case against the criminals on the complaint of Mumtaz Ahmad.

In another incident, a resident of Khanqa Sharif, Ramzan was killed by some unknown persons and dumped his dead body in front of his father-in-law’s house.

In Jhang five members of the same family were brutally murdered. The incident occurred when a woman along her son, brother and four unidentified culprits attacked on the house of her husband Talib who was living with his second wife, two daughters and a son. Talib Hussain, a resident of Mauza Doloana situated in the remit of Garmah Raja Police had contracted second marriage with Shamim Bibi at which his first wife Sakina Bibi was very grieved. Sakina along with her son settled with her parents and demanded land share from her husband but Talib refused. At which she along her son, brother and accomplices attacked the house of Talib Hussain when he, his second wife Shamim Bibi, his 14-year-old daughter Sughran, 11-year-old daughter Najaf Bibi and 9-year-old Sabir were asleep. Sakina, her Jabbar, her brother Akbar Khan and their four unidentified accused attacked them with axes. Resultantly Talib Hussain, his wife and two daughters were killed on the spot while nine-year-old Sabir sustained critical wounds and was admitted to hospital where he breathed his last. The Garmah Raja Police have registered a case against three nominated and four unidentified culprits.

In Sheikhupura, a land lord Akram Cheena, a resident of Dera Gadian near Jandiala Sher Khan was shot dead by his two relative over an old enmity. As per details, the deceased about two years ago had shot the mother and father dead of the accused Ashraf and Asghar (two brothers) over a domestic row. The accused recently had released from jail on interim bail. His rivals attacked him when he was standing outside his house and shot him dead. Later both escaped from the scene. The Saddr Police are looking into the matter.

In another incident, shopkeeper Ashfaq who went missing for the last two days, was found dead on Lahore Road near Dosako Chowk. He was slaughtered with a sharp-edged weapon. The Factory Area Police suspected that he had might been murder an old enmity.

In Toba Tek Singh, two persons were electrocuted. In Chak 319/GB Adeel was going to switch on a fan when he touched a live wire as a result he sustained severe shocks and died on the spot.

In C Plot Colony, Pirmahal, a boy Bilal was electrocuted when he suddenly touched a high intensity transmission line passing overhead his house.