The Customs Agents Association and Progressive Group have announced to form a new alliance to jointly contest the election of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) for the year 2014-15.

Addressing a joint press conference here on Thursday at Lahore Press Club, the heads of the two groups announced their alliance to jointly fight the ruling group of LCCI which is promoting the politics of inheritance, they claimed.

Customs Agents Association president Amjad Ch stated that the new alliance challenge the might of the ruling PIAF-Founder Alliance by entering in the election. Earlier, the PIAF-Founder Alliance was enjoying unchallenged rule in the apex chamber of the country since they outclassed the single opponent of The Founder Group.

Amjad Ch disclosed that the new group was working on realignment with other groups as well. As a result of it, he said that a forward block is created in Rice Exporter Association of Pakistan (REAP) who will also contest election on the Customs Progressive Alliance platform. The forward block will also announced its alliance with the Group in next couple of days, he said.

He said that six former president of the LCCI are supporting the Customs Progressive Alliance while six sitting Executive Committee (EC) member of the LCCI sitting cabinet, three each from PIAF and Founder Groups are also backing their alliance.

He said that the new alliance would ensure participation of members in policy making process at government level. Our group will introduce the culture of consultation and take business community on board on trade and industry related issues and this process should be continued.