ISLAMABAD - The joint session of Parliament seems to be expecting more from the beleaguered Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif than the participants of the long march camped in the lawns of National Assembly against the PML-N government.

Perhaps the opposition forces have sensed that Premier Sharif would survive the anti-government agitation led by Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri who are hell bent on seeking resignation of the premier for the last 21 days.

While the government has succeeded to garner support of the two houses against the prolonged sit-ins of PTI and PAT, politicians want Premier Sharif to change his 'Mughal' mindset to one that of Nelson Mandela by taking all institutions on board.

As the parliament's joint entered its third day on Thursday apparently to thwart the demands of Imran and Qadri, parliamentarians continue to lambaste the marchers but they too have pinned hopes on Premier Sharif to do more. "Prime Minister should lead the whole country and its institutions and not mere the national assembly. The overwhelming majority of youth wants more than mere laptops. The PM should realize that Parliament alone is not power player in the country," Senator Mushahid Hussain told the house.

Perhaps this is for the first time that Premier Sharif has braced himself for harsh criticism of opposition forces in a house where he has hardly visited since coming into power after a landslide victory in the last year's general elections.

Most of the lawmakers have found a blessing in the anti-government long march as the agitation has forced Premier Sharif to take refuge in the Parliament where he deems himself strong against the demands of Imran and Qadri.

ANP Senator Haji Adeel made the lawmakers to chuckle when he wondered that Premier Sharif was still doubtful about the loyalty of democratic forces. "We are with you but where are you, Mr prime Minister ?"

Adeel did not mince words to say that the country's biggest problem was corruption and added that those at the helm of affairs who enjoy the ride in bulletproof vehicles cannot put an end to the menace. While the PM badly needs a solution from the house to clear the Constitution Avenue from the protesters, he instead has to hear suggestions and soft demands from lawmakers who want him to change his style of governance.

During Thursday's session, it was observed that every lawmaker who is given chance to speak on floor of the house, comes up with a separate set of demands for the PM.

Senator Raza Rabbani stirred up the house particularly the prime minister by revealing that the parliament would face more threats in near future for which there was a need to revisit the Charter of Democracy.

While the protesting Imran Khan has been blaming Premier Nawaz for being in power for the last 30 years, the Premier Sharif has to listen inside the house that dynastic politics would no more work in a country that faces multiple challenges. "It was Nehru family that had been ruling India for the last 85 years. But we saw that people finally chose poor Narendra Modi as prime minister . Modi had earlier delivered as chief minister. Our leaders should realize that deliverance matters," Senator Mushahid said. A number of opposition politicians told media that the joint session proved to be another sit-in for the besieged prime minister who had expected the house to be rescuing him of the sit-in outside the parliament.

A seasoned Senator from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa told The Nation that the prime minister has been humbled both by parliamentarians and the leaders of protesters. But amid scathing criticism on the government, the joint session has proved to be a blow to the rationale of the sit-in that has paralyzed any sense of normality in Islamabad. Some parliamentarians and ruling party members dubbed the much trumpeting revolution of Dr Qadri and PTI's Khan as 'containerized revolution' referring to the shipping containers in which both the leaders were enjoying air-conditioned facility and leaving the participants to harsh weather.