ISLAMABAD - Four days have passed to police officials brutal and merciless torture on media persons at the Constitution Avenue but the Islamabad police is yet to register a case.

According to sources, the delay is due to the reason that the government wants to fix the responsibility on some constables and close the case, whereas journalists are pressing to include the top officials who had ordered the assault.

“I had recorded my statement to the inquiry team two days ago, I am unable to understand why the police has not registered the case yet”, Eisa Naqvi, a reporter of a local TV channel, said while taking to The Nation.

Naqvi was seriously injured when the police had started violence on journalists, when PTI and PAT protestors had initiated their march towards the Prime Minister House Saturday night.

Media showed the police action on protesters live.

The live show of police brutality triggered so much anger throughout the country that Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique had to visit the crime scene immediately to cool down the situation, but police continued to beat journalists and damage their equipment despite requests of the minister.

Despite all the assurance, the police has not registered the case. The police claim they have been busy in investigating the case.

“Investigation to the case is under way. We have recorded statements of journalists and have requested media houses to provide us footage so that we can identify the culprits; after the recognition, the FIR would be filed,” said the Islamabad police spokesman.

Sources believe this delay is deliberate and is aimed to gain some time and after a while when victims will be recovered and people will forget it, police would suspend some officials and the case would be closed.

The journalists bodies on the other side have demanded FIR against the top officials in the case.

According to the sources, the investigation is being conducted by a Sub Inspector, whereas DIG operations, Sultan Azam Taimori, known as an upright officer, is supervising the investigation.