ISLAMABAD- Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Nasir ul Mulk remarked that the court was responsible for giving decisions about constitutional matters rather than political.

Attorney General (AG) presented a comprehensive report on sit-in. The loss due to protests was reported to be Rs 47 billion. Also, traders have suffered financial setback of Rs 10 billion. Educational activities of many children have also been affected according to the report. Foreign exchange reserves have gone down to the level of 13521 million dollars. Additional expenses amounting to Rs 130 million have been spent on security forces.

717 people have been injured in the incidents of violence and three have been killed. 13 cases have been registered so far and 202 police men got injured. 17 vehicles, including police vehicles have been damaged.

According to the report, world leaders have cancelled their visits to Pakistan, tarnishing Pakistan’s image at an international level.