ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chief Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri seems in no mood to vacate the Constitutional Avenue in front of the Parliament House as he is now planning to establish Inqilab schools in front of the building and has aimed at staying there until and unless his all demands, including the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, are not accepted. 

Dr Qadri is also not interested in taking any responsibility for the losses being suffered by the country as he held the incumbent government responsible for cancellation or postponement of Chinese president's visit to Pakistan.

The Chinese president was expected to arrive in Pakistan on September 14 but different channels quoting their sources aired the news that the visit has been cancelled. Dr Qadri took the opportunity and despite heavy rain came out of his bullet-proof container and started addressing his followers.

He said that it was the government's responsibility to provide security to Chinese president and if he cancelled his visit to Pakistan then it was the failure of PML-N government. He said if Chinese President comes to Pakistan, he and his followers would shower him with rose petals, giving an impression that he has no intention to vacate the place. Thursday was the 22nd day of Dr. Qadri and Imran sit-ins in the federal capital and the talk process is still facing a deadlock owing to what the government called an illegitimate demand of prime minister's resignation by both protesting leaders.

Dr. Qadri again on Thursday repeated his demand for the resignation of prime minister. Presently Dr. Qadri does not have more than three or four thousands supporters sitting outside or inside the premises of Parliament House. His followers had 'attacked' the parliament House the other day and after breaking its outer wall, they had raised a tents village in its lawn and are still stayed there despite the Supreme Court's order to remove them from the vicinity.

Around 1,500 or little more supporter of Dr. Qadri along with their families are stayed inside the Parliament House's premises in tents. They have also set up temporary bathrooms and a medical camp inside the premises where three to four doctors check the patients in different times. Women are openly washing their cloths in the lawn and then put them on the grill of parliament to dry, portraying a picture of a remote area's village where people are living sans modern facilities.

Qadri on last Wednesday had ordered his followers to vacate the area and remove their tent village from the lawn of parliament and raise it in front of its building on the Constitutional Avenue but following the heavy downpour on Thursday, the decision has been postponed and the tent village is still existed inside the parliament. Dr. Qadri aimed at establishing Inqilab schools in front of the parliament made request to the residents of Islamabad to provide blackboards, books and markers to help them start these schools where the children of Inqilab Marchers could start their studies.

A few days back, it seemed that Qadri was protesting against the killing of Model Town tragedy where around 14 people were killed during clashes with police and after getting registration of an FIR of his choice, he might leave the ground and the things will go settle.

 But in the new situation, it seems that Dr. Qadri has no agenda other than to overthrow the government or at least remove Nawaz Sharif from his position.