ISLAMABAD - Pakistan squash team preparations for the Asian Games look in complete disarray, as both male and female players, who are out of practice for last one week, are waiting for the camp to get started.

The sources inside the PSF have confirmed to this scribe that female players are completely ignored by the federation as far as their training is concerned for the last one month or so. “The PSF did claim the female camp is under progress at Lahore, but the reality is quite different, as Pakistan top female player Maria Toor Pakai is in Islamabad while No 2 player Sammer Anjum is in Mumbai to participate in the World University Squash event.”

How on earth would it be possible for the female players to even think about representing the country in the Asian Games, so winning something is not more than a day dreaming. If the PSF can't provide female players practice, then they should clearly inform them to forget about playing squash as it makes no sense of entering in a major event without preparations. Same is the case with male players, as Pakistan is the defending champions of the Asian Games Squash team event, but no camp is witnessed for the last several days.

The sources have confirmed the PSF has finally decided to start camp at Mushaf Mir Complex from today (Friday). Farhan Mehboob has joined the camp, while Danish and Farhan Zaman are expected to report late Thursday night, while Nasir Iqbal will arrive today. The PSF has decided to retain same male and female teams, which participated in the Asian Senior Team Squash Championship in Hong Kong. Male team consists of Nasir Iqbal, Farhan Zaman, Farhan Mehboob and Danish Atlas Khan, while female team consists of Maria Toor, Sammer Anjum, Muqaddas Anjum and Riffat Khan.

Too much precious time has already been wasted by the federation, and the men team needs a miracle to retain their team title. All the other opponents have completed their training since long, but the green shirts have to start their preparations. If the team fails to defend its title, it will be the federation not the players, who will be responsible for the outcomes.