The speeches made by some members of the Senate and the National Assembly, in the joint session, exposed the parliamentary system and the parliamentarians of Pakistan. The joint parliament session was purposely televised only on National Television (PTV), from where other private satellite channels aired it internationally. The obvious reason seems to be to give coverage to some speeches made by prominent members. These delivered a message to the people and the international powerbrokers, especially United States, China, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia, that all the political parties were united against the ongoing sit-in. The Prime Minister was there, and it should be noted, that this is the same Prime Minister who has not attended a single session of the Senate, since he has been in power.

The dramatic move occurred when Javed Hashmi entered the hall and the members, especially the ruling party, gave him a warm welcome. Javed Hashmi is a very wobbly political character. He is known as a veteran politician as he had served during the military rule of General Ziaul Haq and Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N). What was made very clear, was also that there was no regard given to the demands of the thousands of protesters outside the building, and there were no regrets or confessions made about the killing of innocent people in Model Town. Also, there was no justification or reason given, by any speaker, why protestors were shot at in Islamabad.

This joint session exposed the mentality and wisdom of our parliamentarians. It was clear that they were united for their own benefit. They have no interest in the national issues. It is hoped that something better will come to Pakistan soon.


Australia, September 3.