The recent attack on a private channel’s office in Karachi is very tragic and extremely condemnable. The violent attackers killed one person and severely injured many. This attack was no ordinary one; it was a clear attack not only on independent journalism but also on freedom of speech. 

Media is considered to be backbone of any society. It is the most important pillar of any developed, progressive and an enlightened society as it is the addresses burning questions, hidden lies, hypocrisies, conspiracies and social evils of the society. It disseminates information to masses. Though individuals can most certainly express their disregard for new channels or media perspectives but attacking media office is completely unjustified. 

It is the responsibility of the police, law enforcement agencies and government to provide security to anchors and reporters. We need to realise the gravity of situation. This wasn’t just an attack on a single media group; it was an attack on the media as a whole. 

The Sindh Government must fully condemn the attack and not just simply denounce the attacking forces. In the future, the government must provide complete security to all media group offices. Those responsible for this attack must be punished severely. Freedom of speech is the fundamental right in a democratic society and the government must protect it. 


Karachi, August 22.