With a heavy heart, I have to say that my beloved country is in the grip of numerous socioeconomic and political ills and evils. There is no one to heal the wounds, right the wrong or solve the chronic problems caused by the irrational and illogical actions of our rulers. 

At the present, the Pakistani society is in chaos. Social ills like poverty and illiteracy are tearing us apart. They are creating way for other nefarious practices like corruption, abuse, and theft to creep into our lives. Terrorism, nepotism, cronyism, favouritism and opportunism prevail in our country. Preachers and politicians are preaching hate, intolerance and militancy. 

In this spiritually dead society of ours, good personality traits like respect for others, empathy, integrity, benevolence, honesty and consistency are being shunned but corruption, lethargy and sycophancy are being encouraged and promoted. Those who deserve to be treated with respect are being treated with disregard while those who deserve to be punished are being given honourable positions. Corruption is existent in all state institutions. State resources are being mishandled and misused. At workplaces, individuals who have better personal contacts are getting good jobs while those who don’t are suffering terribly. Public sector education is in a very poor condition. Many children are still unable to go to school. Child labour still exists. Many children are forced to work at low salaries. While all these injustices are occurring in the society, government officials sit and watch. Judicial arrangements are poor. We can never rely on our judiciary to give us justice. The law supports the powerful and not the vulnerable. Influential individuals can buy the support of all law enforcement agencies. 

Our society is drowning in a sea of problems and we can only hope that it somehow stays afloat. 


Islamabad, August 23.