70 years on Pakistan is still struggling to settle basic questions of state – politics relationship. The founding fathers laid foundation of a country after an intense political movement which culminated in the creation of Pakistan. The struggle begun soon after its creation, initially civil bureaucrats preyed upon a weak political system through Ghulam Muhammad who happened to be an Indian civil service officer who later joined Pakistan.  

The move created mistrust between politics and state, something this country could never recover from. People of Pakistan are clear victims of this bickering between state and politics. Pakistan paid a very price of this squabbling and mistrust in 1971 when half of it got dismembered. It was expected from both sides after 1971 debacle that lessons would be learnt and this vital question would be settled once and for all, unfortunately, it did not happen. The establishment then decided to produce their own stock of politicians to settle the issue and the phenomenon was Nawaz Sharif. Rise and long time rule of Sharifs has been due to the favours of state institutions. Mr Sharif got declared unfit for public office before by the apex court and then the same court declared his fitness to hold public office. Mr. Sharif is the first deposed prime minister who despite being the establishment’s own product is now openly challenging his mentors and demanding the right to rule by the people of Pakistan.  

PML-N is somewhat demanding the same what Pakistan Peoples Party has been vying for more than four decades. Dethroning of Mr. Sharif will certainly bring political forces even closer. Country is definitely moving towards a big change at the time of 70 years of its independence. Pakistan is going through troubled waters yet there is hope that the current situation will bring good for the country. There will be a dawn of real peoples democracy which will address real issues of the common man. It’s symbolic that all this is happening on approaching Independence Day. 


Australia, August 13.