Our beloved country’s education system is just producing empty minds with high grades and also compromising on the quality of education. What do we really need today in this global world? Just marks? Students study only to score well in their exams, that is the motivation behind it and they are motivated by parents and teachers. In the end, they take away barely any knowledge but a list of A grades.  

In short, a student knowingly or accidentally becomes a victim of rat race which may compress his or her creativity. Understanding the concept and learning it creatively has lost tragically to our education system, and the reason behind it is the rat race. I want to suggest every school to take an initiative to arrange three hours of activity class every week for students. Just three hours to take a break from the rote learning. These three hours will give them something to learn and enjoy too, and also give them the ability to do something unique; to be great in something that the world and the society is unaware of. I request to textbook boards that textbooks should be converted into activities. Every concept in textbooks should be explained with a practical example too, so a student can understand it and not only memorise it. This may be our first step to make a skill-based Pakistan from school level itself. 


Karachi, August 15.