In an unprecedented move, the Ahmadi and Muslim community of Faisalabad have reached an agreement to not allow any personal disputes to be coloured as religious disputes in the community. This is the first step in the right direction, especially after witnessing a history of personal grudges being settled in the name of religious disputes. The amount of bloodshed and lives lost in the country required the authorities to take charge of the situation and not allow any party to take advantage of the religious sensitivities of the people.

The greatest achievement unlocked in this agreement is the consensus that any dispute between the communities would first be brought before the attention of a committee in charge of such disputes. This allows the authorities ample amount of time to understand the problem and restrict anyone from taking the law into their own hands. What usually happens is that people make claims and without any proof, people follow their lead. The attempt here is to minimise this sort of damage

The police officials along with the government must be commended for their efforts. It is understandable why the previous governments would try to shy away from handling such situations because the mob mentality of the people would not allow them to look past their differences. However, in this case, the police registered a case against both parties and that prompted them to reconsider their actions and also work under the ambit of the law. Such cleverly thought out actions can have a great impact on the coexistence of the two communities in the society. An underlying thought behind this initiative is certainly that the minorities of the country, who have suffered endlessly at the hands of the majority, can no longer be isolated and marginalised.

At the same time, an investigation is still going on to analyse which elements in the society can play with the lives and properties of the communities in the country. This investigation is important for the materialisation of the peace process because it will help reduce the years of hostility against the minorities and also point everyone in the direction of acceptance. It is now the job of the government to ensure that all the investigations take place objectively and no person with authority lets his or her bias affect the decision-making process because this achievement that has been unlocked is a milestone which can be used as a framework in the rest of the country.