HAFIZABAD - The electricity consumers have expressed their resentment over the increase in the electricity tariff and have called upon the government to withdraw in the best interest of the poor people.

They said that the present government, which has promised bring down prices of all essential commodities, increased the power tariff by Re2 per unit which would force the average consumer to pay at least Rs1,000 more every month.

The people, belonging to all walks of life, regretted that the masses have already been experiencing hardships and inconvenience due to prolonged and abrupt breakdowns and unscheduled loadshedding of more than 8 to 16 hours on almost daily basis. This situation has made the public lives absolutely miserable particularly during nights.

They further said that for the past over two weeks electricity played hide and seek with the citizens and due to fluctuation in the current, scores of electricity appliances have been damaged. They urged the government instead of raising tariff, power pilferage and line losses should be controlled to make up for the revenue shortfall.

They demanded the government to withdraw the raise on power tariff immediately to facilitate the poor.