That incident of Polish tourist girl’s dance in and around PIA’s aircraft has exposed the real mindset of people at the helm and how common people are fooled in the name of patriotism, security, integrity and emblems of national pride etc..... 

One wonders how this cute publicity stunt has earned bad name for Pakistan? How the wrapping of flag around the body of a beautiful girl is desecration of the flag? Is the flag a sacred thing? Then why do you decorate them on the bonnet of the cars? Don’t you think body of a human being is more respectable, lovable, sacred than cars, sticks and subsequently flushed in drains of cities and strewn in the streets of the localities after and during 14 August celebrations? 

If it was obscene or immoral display of vanity than one still might have thought thousands of times before hurling objection on it because it was a beautiful attempt of publicity for your moribund national pride of national flag carrier- you fool. 

It all shows you are sick your mind is retarded. And who are you to poke in other autonomous entity of the country? Are you Prime Minister? The head of public autonomous entity should take permission from you for publicity stunt? 

People around the world perform weird stunts for public attention, thanks God this was just a simple and innocent attempt. People around the world must be laughing at our wit and sense of humour because of your nonsensical prank. People like you bring ignominy to Pakistan.... 

I must say PIA chairman must shrug off this fools response and must stand by this stunt rather than being . 


Khairpur, August 14.