ISLAMABAD (PR) - This refers to the News item/story filed in Daily "The Nation" dated September 04, 2018 against the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, inter-alia including remarks of former Executive Director of Ogra (Shahid Nauman Afzal) with regard to the appointment of chairperson Ogra.

The spokesperson Ogra clarified that a propaganda campaign has been started against the Organization and its officers by lodging fake applications at various forums including Cabinet Division, National Accountability Bureau etc. and providing self-cooked and misleading information to the media. The main person behind this campaign is the recently retired officer of OGRA named Shahid Nauman Afzal against whom departmental inquiry had been conducted on various disciplinary issues. The Enquiry Committee declared him guilty and recommended disciplinary action against him.

He further clarified that there has not been any violation of rules/regulations and the decisions taken by the authority are in order and all codal formalities have been completed. The authority had already responded at all the forums with facts and figures against such fake applications and addressed all the queries.

Moreover, the chairperson and members of Ogra are appointed by the federal government through an open competitive process on tenure basis in accordance with the provisions of the Ogra Ordinance. The incumbent chairperson who is a chartered accountant by profession having rich experience in the Industry has been appointed by the federal government following the laid down procedure.  It is pertinent to mention that the temporarily the prices of LPG rose due to short supply/import.