The wedding has become a lifestyle statement for the rich and famous with an enormous amount of money being spent on ‘luxury weddings’,  and today, the bridal couture wear is the most profitable segment for the Pakistani fashion Industry.

Compared to last year’s fashion week , this season the work being showcased on opening day wasn’t attractive in terms of quality and creativity.

What should be showcased on the runway is the designer’s interpretation of his art. If they can’t present that in an attractive way, how will the audience be interested enough to lift their nose up from their smartphone screens?

The first day of PFDC Bridal Couture Week was a low-key start to fashion season. The show itself was well managed and had all the accoutrements of fashion week from the vivacious red carpet to some stunning designs from ace designers.

The first day of PLBW18 was opened by a grouped show featuring Nomi Ansari, Hussain Rehar, Rema & Shehrbano, followed by solo shows featuring Saira Shakira and Ali Xeeshan Theatre studio as summarized below. Makeup for Day-1 of PFDC fashion week was done by the creative team at N-Pro for women’s wear and N-gents for menswear.

There was some good collection from Nomi Ansari, Saira Shakira and Ali Xeeshan but the rest failed to impress. Moreover, the solo show of Ali Xeeshan started so late that most preferred to leave the show. During the solo show of Ali Xeeshan fire on the ramp went up in flames but hats off to the management team they rescued it quickly and let the show continue smoothly.

Day1 was opened by haute couturier Nomi Ansari who showcased his bridal/festive collection ‘Maya’ (Illusion). The collection was exquisitely embellished with antique gota details and artisanal hand-embroidery, including zardozi, aari, mukesh and intricate appliqué work, end-noted with a playful and inventive splash of Swarovski crystals, ideal for myriad celebratory occasions including wedding events and sangeet soirées. Actress Maya Ali walked the ramp for Nomi Ansari as a showstopper in a sea green lehenga choli with pink, yellow and sea green embellishments. The mermaid sleeves with round sequins were rather flattering as compared to the overall silhouette. While keeping the look simple, the outfit was accessorized with a thin crystal embellished belt.

Hussain Rehar collection titled ‘Rgyaal-Mo’ had nothing new to offer. The embellishments, similarly, required better finishing and didn’t impress the fashion enthusiasts. To be truly fashion forward, Rehar needs to work on the finesse of his craftsmanship and stitching.

When designing for the present or future, it’s better to improvise and keep up with the times, something Reema & Sherhbano needs to keep in mind while working with silhouettes in an attempt to create timeless and classic bridal collection. Except for a few pieces, the collection of Reema & Sherbano appeared to be a waste of time and effort. The ranges of colours for the collection were vibrant mango and coral shades to glamorous jewel tones, dusky golds and modern silver and whites.

Impressing us with her innate aesthetic sense Saira Shakira distinctly alluring bride is edgy, bold and hot on heels in a range of swanky ensembles. The brand has developed its own signature that wins her clients and accolades from all over. The collection was based on enriching colour palette from nudes, to red and everything in between. Saba Qamar walked the ramp as a showstopper in a grey/silver lehenga. The ensemble was heavily embellished with silver work, which was nothing out of the ordinary; however, it is safe to say that Saba did carry the overall look quite perfectly.

Known for his theatrical genius, Ali Xeeshan encompasses the tradition, heritage and culture of Pakistan with a modern, avante garde design aesthetic that has quickly become a favourite among high profile clientele both internationally and in Pakistan.

Rich fabrics like silk, velvet, and brocade, print marrying embroidery along with intricately designed floral with peasant stripes and scallops dominated his collection ‘Ijazat’ at PLBW18. The colour palette for ‘Ijazat’ leans towards bright hues of reds, the monochromatic magic of black &white and shades of pastels.