Mickey Arthur’s removal from the position of head coach of the Pakistan Cricket Team was undoubtfully one that left mixed feelings; he took over the reins at a difficult time in the team’s history, with many senior players nearing the end of their careers. The subsequent injection of youth, and a focus on improving the national team’s notoriously erratic fielding – which at times regressed back to its old unreliable ways – are a testament to the former Pakistan coach’s input in making our cricket better.

However, his replacement is a man that enjoys near-legendary status as a national cricket hero, one who has led this team through tumultuous times as captain. Under his leadership, the Pakistan team won 26 test matches – most wins in the format under one captain – and even managed to top the charts as the best test team in the world for a brief period.

This makes Misbahul Haq an excellent choice to lead the team forward as coach, and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) seems to agree, as their decision to appoint him as both chief selector and team coach indicates the extent of confidence they have in their new man. No one in the history of the team has been given both positions at the same time, but as he has proved time and again over the course of his cricketing career, Misbahul Haq is not an ordinary cricketing mind.

Now that the appointment has been finalised, the important thing for the PCB and the supporters to do is exercise patience. Implementing one’s way of coaching takes time and the team’s fortunes will only change gradually. Chopping and changing the coaching line-up after one defeat will not be helpful in any way. The Board has put their utmost trust in Misbah and this well-thought out decision should not be constantly reviewed if and when the fans inevitably ask for heads to roll when a major defeat comes around. Sports fans are notoriously fickle in their opinions and should not be making important decisions for the future of the sport in the country.

Luckily, our former captain will likely not need too much time to settle. After countless years on the field leading the green shirts, Misbah will now strategise from the stands, and his decisions will likely be accepted by his former teammates due to his capable leadership during his time as captain. Let us hope that Misbah can make the youth in the new-look Pakistan team world beaters sooner rather than later. All the best to him.