Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Mohammad Nafees Zakaria has said the continued human rights abuses in Indian occupied Kashmir are an affront to the conscience of humanity.

Briefing a large number of UK Parliamentarians in the House of Commons, Zakaria said, the ongoing humanitarian crisis in occupied Kashmir has been going on since August 5.

“For the past seven decades Indian governments have been perpetrating grave human rights violations in the occupied territory unabatedly with impunity,’ Zakaria said.

He emphasised that Indian governments’ atrocities, such as mass killings, fake encounters, abductions, forced disappearances, use of prohibited weapons such as pellet guns and cluster munitions against the defenceless Kashmiris have caused incalculable sufferings to the Kashmiri nation and these atrocities come under the ambit of crimes against humanity under all human rights and humanitarian conventions, statutes and United Nations resolutions.

The high commissioner underlined that complete lockdown in the valley for 31 days with no communication with the outside world and the reports of killings, abductions, illegal detentions, rapes and use of pellet guns against the defenceless Kashmiris was a matter of deep concern.

The high commissioner noted that all these human rights violations were taking place in the 21st century and amidst protectors of human rights, by a so-called world's largest democracy.