According to the Travel And Tourism Competitiveness Index for this year, Pakistan ranks 121st out of 140 countries listed. The index, released by the World Economic Forum, thus evaluates Pakistan to have one of the least competitive tourism economies in the world. 

In spite of positive publicity by social media "influencers" like Eva Zubeck, the report suggests Pakistan needs to invest in its tourism infrastructure. A lack of openness, poor safety and security measures, and a need for better public health and hygiene are all identified as areas that, if addressed, would help Pakistan move up in the index.

The report did note that Pakistan had made dramatic improvements in the human resources and labor market of the tourism industry, and commended Pakistan for making these changes. Price competitiveness in Pakistan is also a positive dimension to the industry, the authors of the report said.  

Pakistan nonetheless ranked the lowest from among the South Asian countries listed. Bangladesh was ranked 120th, a single rank above Pakistan, whereas Nepal and Sri Lanka were ranked 102nd and 77th respectively. India was ranked 34th. The Maldives and Bhutan were not incorporated in this list.

From among Asian nations, Japan was listed as the most competitive tourist economy in the continent, ranking at 4th globally, while China was identified as the largest tourist economy in the Asia-Pacific region, ranking at 13th.