LOS ANGELES-Richard Madden doesn’t think he ‘’deserves’’ to be named the Most Stylish Man. The former ‘Game of Thrones’ star bagged the award during the GQ Men of the Year awards at London’s Tate Modern on Tuesday, and has said that whilst he’s thankful for the honour, he believes it is his stylist who should take the credit for dressing him in fashionable clothes.

Speaking on stage after being handed the award by Rita Ora, Richard said: ‘’My friends will find it most amusing that I’ve won this award, one I don’t really think that I deserve. Actors mostly spend their lives wearing other people’s clothes, and so it really is other people who should take the credit for this tonight.

‘’So thank you very much to Hugo Boss for this gorgeous tux, and thank you very much to Gareth Scarfield, my stylist, who finds many ideal ways to cloak all of my insecurities. Thank you, Gareth.’’

The 33-year-old actor will next be seen as Ikaris, one of the lead characters in the upcoming Marvel movie ‘The Eternals’, and has joked his costume for the flick will mean he’s unlikely to win the award again next year.

He added: ‘’For the next few months, I will be wearing mostly a tight blue cosmic superhero costume, so not much chance of winning again next year, I fear. Thank you very much, GQ and Dylan Jones, this is a very kind honour. Thank you.’’ Meanwhile, speaking to GQ magazine in a feature about his win, he described his style as ‘’classic and simple’’.