LAHORE - Capital city police officer BA Nasir on Wednesday said that illegal detention and torture by policemen on crime suspects cannot be defended.  The code of conduct should be followed in letter and spirit, he said while addressing the meeting of all divisional SPs. DIG (Operations) Ashfaq Ahmed Khan, DIG (Investigation) Inam Waheed, and CTO Liaqat Ali Malik were also present. “There will be zero tolerance on illegal detentions and abusing of the accused, he said.

Mentioning recent deaths of crime suspects in the police custody, he said that the rights of accused persons should be respected. He directed the divisional SPs to frequently visit police stations.

BA Nasir also claimed that Muharram security plan was being implemented according to the SOPs. During the meeting, DIG Ashfaq Ahmed Khan said that there should not be any negligence in supervisory role of SPs. DIG Investigation Inam Waheed vowed that all efforts would be made to bring improvement in environment of police stations.