Lahore -Education startup British Lyceum is now live and is offering education to local as well as international audiences, with experts teaching in Urdu and English. The classes are live and are being conducted by the best teachers of Pakistan.

British Lyceum was started by Tahir N. Qadri , a certified school leader of Harvard University and his team. British Lyceum is going to be the biggest school system in the world. British Lyceum is working in collaboration with Cambridge Global and American Lyceum, already in the field of education since ages and is providing a platform for teachers to teach online and to students to get online education.

“British Lyceum is on the way to bring a disruption in the field of education. We are harnessing the talent which is not available for formal jobs. There are many females and males who can teach excellently but they cannot join any formal institution. This platform will provide them with the opportunity to play their role in the education of the next generation”, said Tahir N. Qadri, the CEO of British Lyceum. This unique concept of British Lyceum will provide safe education to the students during Covid and will empower teachers to have financial liberty and easement.