The International Crisis Group is a federation of international think tanks, who observe the world dilemmas and guide the nations in terms of measures as well as remedies. Their latest report reveals that the coronavirus pandemic has been under apron-strings in Pakistan amid the strict laws, conformity of SOPs and circumspect decisions. Indubitably, it is an appreciable and encouraging gesture towards our triumph against the novel coronavirus. 

However, at the same time, the cluster warns that the massive processions and ceremonies of Muharram may again exacerbate the situation. Consequently, maximum care and caution will be inevitable to penetrate this appalling period. Meanwhile, the organisation notes that if proper and prior preparations are not made, the deadly virus might resurrect. What the system requires to do, is to ensure the consummate compliance of SOPs from wearing of masks to social distancing and so forth. The masses also need to cooperate with the governments and law-enforcers with the aim to go through this horrible span successfully. Those who commit the violations of SOPs must be apprehended and sentenced. To repeat the words of Asad Umar, minister for planning and development; SOPs Sustain Success.