PESHAWAR   -   Enthusiastic civil society and youth was all set to commemorate the Defense Day on September with nation fervor and zeal.

The people have already started sharing posts and pictures related to Pakistan Armed Forces and Defense Day on social media demonstrating their love with Pakistani soldiers.  

In their posts the youth and civil society said that Defense Day was being celebrated every year on September 6 to renew our spirit that nation and armed forces were always ready to give every sacrifice to frustrate the wickedness designs of the enemy with similar spirit and passion showed by our brave forces in 1965 war.

Talking to APP, civil society member Mujahid Khan resident of Badhber Peshawar said that he felt immense joy to share Pakistan Army and Kashmir related posts on social media.

“I had distributed sweets in Kohat Ada Peshawar when came to know that Pakistani jet aimed Indian Aircraft and arrested Indian pilot,” said Mujahid Khan.

He said that September 6 told us about the heroic defense of the country by Pak Army and security forces against Indian forces that attacked motherland taking advantage of darkness but our brave Army repulsed their attack and gave a lesson forever.

“September 6 reminds us of the matchless sacrifices rendered by our armed forces and unprecedented unity demonstrated by the nation that repulsed the enemy attack and safeguarded the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the homeland”.

He said that entire nation stand shoulder-to-shoulder with armed forces in protection of sovereignty of the country.

Similarly, preparations have been started in all the districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to celebrate the Defense Day with spirit and national zeal.

Bazars, streets have been decorated with the pictures of Pakistani flags, heroes and martyrs of armed forces. National anthem and national songs are being echoed in bazars to show the affection with great heroes of Jawans of Armed forces.