RAJANPUR     -   Provincial Minister for Irrigation Punjab Sardar Mohsin Khan Laghari said on Friday that Defence Day would be celebrated on 6th September with national enthusiasm to pay tribute to our armed forces.

In a statement issued here, provincial minister said that nation was united to defend our motherland because passion of sacrifice flowed in our veins like blood. He said that 6th September was a historical day when armed forces of the country defeated the enemy. He said that the defence day was being celebrated each year to recall sacrifices of our armed forces and to make pledge of defending country. 

He said that enemies could be defeated through coordination and unity among our ranks. He said that armed forces and Government were on the same page, adding that every citizens of the country ready to render any sacrifice for defence of the motherland.

Sardar Mohsin Khan Laghari said that armed forces of the country always proved themselves a well-trained and brave force which was also being recognised at international level. He said that the Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan initiated different steps to bring country out of crisis.

He maintained that living in an independent state was a blessing and everyone should respect our armed forces which were protecting country’s boarders at the cost of their lives. He said that the incumbent government’s initiatives for public welfare and foreign policies were heading country towards the right directions.