ISLAMABAD    -  The Ministry of Interior on Friday allowed 15 days extension in visas of all those foreigners staying in Pakistan who permits had expired since March 15 following complaints that many of them were not issued fresh ones after expiry of earlier extension in validity of their visas. 

The competent authority has allowed 15 days grace period for visa extension/exit permit to facilitate those foreign nationals who are currently in Pakistan and their visas have been expired since March 15th, 2020,” says an order issued by the ministry. The grace period would start from 1st of September.

All visa applications will be subject to penalties from September 16, 2020 as determined by the government of Pakistan, the order adds.

Earlier, the ministry had extended, thrice, validity of visas of all foreign nationals till August 31 due to Covid-19 outbreak in the country and to stop the spread of the deadly virus through any interaction with the public at large.

The extension was for those foreigners who visas had expired since March 15.