ISLAMABAD    -   The impasse between the treasury and the opposition over NAB related legislation in the National Assembly may not be resolved, as the former wants to pass FATF related bills on a priority basis.

The government has plainly refused to accept the condition of doing legislation on NAB laws before passing FATF related bills, the lawmakers from the lower house of the Parliament revealed. The opposition had recently disapproved legislation on FATF related bills in the Senate with a majority of votes. The government side had managed to approve both the rejected bills: ‘The Anti-Money Laundering (Second Amendment) Bill’ and ‘The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Waqf Properties Bill’ from the National Assembly but it could not convince the opposition to pass it from the upper house of Parliament.

Sources said that conciliatory elements from both had made failed attempts to hold dialogue on the controversial NAB laws but could not reach on any consensus to amicably resolve the matter. In order to ensure legislation on FATF related bills without any delay, the PTI’s government has to summon the joint session of Parliament to easily pass the bills with a majority of votes. Legal and constitutional experts argued that the government has to first call a National Assembly session to refer the pending bills to the joint sitting. 

“Without referring the bills from the National Assembly to joint sitting, the government constitutionally is not able to pass the FATF related bills,” they said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had also strongly reacted to the rejection of these FATF related bill in the Senate, as he tweeted, “to blackmail for NRO by defaming NAB, they would even have Pak (Pakistan) put on FATF black list to destroy nation’s economy and increase poverty.