ISLAMABAD    -   The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) women chapter has announced to hold a “Hijab Conference” on September 7 in Islamabad. In a news conference on the occasion of World day for Hijab on Friday the Secretary General of JI Women Wing and former Member of National Assembly Ayesha Saeed said that the purpose of holding the Hijab Conference was to stand for those women who face discrimination in the world for their Hijab or veil. She stated that they were in solidarity with those women who face been facing such discriminative behaviour around the world for following their religious and social responsibilities. She elaborated that senior leadership of JI including Siraj ul Haq will also address the Hijab Conference; adding that holding such seminars and conferences will create sense modesty among the women in the society. She maintained that a total of 98 percent of women in Pakistan were willing to wear Hijab; adding that in the modern era woman is used as a product for advisement which is nothing more than disgrace for a woman.