ISLAMABAD-The coronavirus pandemic made it difficult for Drake and DJ Khaled to film a music video for their hit song Popstar. But the God’s Plan singer and Wild Thoughts hit-maker enlisted the help of Justin Bieber for their video, released recently. The 26 year old, who is name dropped in the song, lives a life of extreme excess in his starring role, only to find out it was all a dream, or so he thought. The video opens with DJ Khaled self-recording dozens of videos with ideas for the Popstar music video and sending them to Drake. ‘We have to shoot the Popstar video,’ the producer says. ‘I know the boarders closed, they won’t let me in the country, what do you want me to do? The song is too big. We have to shoot the video. We have to figure something out.’ The videos of Khaled overlap into an almost indistinguishable mix of his ideas.