Peshawar    -   Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan on the second day of his two-day trip to Swat yesterday visited the areas affected by the recent heavy rainfall and floods and also inspected the damages and rehabilitation activities there.  

He visited all the affected areas of Swat including Madain, Cheehal, Shagram, Bahrain, Tirat and Sukhra and issued directions for the rehabilitation of the affected people.

On the occasion, the chief minister was given a detailed presentation on the damages caused by floods and the subsequent rehabilitation activities in Madain areas.

He directed to constitute a committee to remove encroachments along the Swat River and other places including waterways. He said that the Bahrain Bridge should be rebuilt with a modern design. 

Later talking to media, the chief minister assured that the provincial government would go allout for the rehabilitation of the affected areas. He directed for detailed and complete assessment of the flood damages in Swat.

He said the provincial government had initiated record relief and rehabilitation activities to restore and rehabilitate the damaged roads, water supply schemes and other facilities in the affected areas.  

Coming hard on the previous rulers of the country, Mahmood Khan said he did not believe in befooling the masses like those who used to wear long boots and paraded in the water as a publicity stunt. His government and he himself were among the people and would serve them to the extent of their all benefits.  

Mahmood Khan said that he was personally visiting the affected areas to assess the damages caused by the floods and would visit Chitral the next day and later Shangla Kohistan and other areas. 

He appreciated the administration and concerned agencies for their excellent work adding that the concerned agencies have shown excellent performance in the relief and rehabilitation activities.  

He said that deforestation is the major cause of floods and in this regard they have started the Billion Tree Tsunami in our previous government for future planning and now the central government has started the Ten Billion Tree Plantation drive throughout the country that will save the existing forests and will further bring more areas under forests at a large scale. 

The chief minister was optimistic that PTI would again be in power even for the next five years on the basis of its performance. 

He also said that the Peshawar-DI Khan Expressway would also be constructed for the southern districts. He said that the project of gas expansion line would be laid in Swat while the Swat Motorway Phase 2 would also be constructed. 

He said that Kalam Road has been completed and Dental College, Agricultural and Engineering University have been established, several colleges and schools have been built and upgraded that will bring an educational revolution in the area.  

He said that the Dir Motorway will also be built while several other projects have been started for the development of Peshawar city.

The chief minister said that the government was paying special attention to the promotion of tourism in the province and new tourist zones were being set up in the province to attract tourists at mass scale and make tourism as an industry for which the government rest houses would be controlled by private sector for the benefit of tourists in order to provide solid foundation for the tourism economy in the province.