ISLAMABAD-Mulan, Disney’s latest live-action remake of one of its own hit animations, was meant to be one of the two summer blockbusters, along with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, to breathe fire back into the wounded dragon that is the cinema industry. So much for that. Executives decided to swerve a theatrical release and instead make Mulan available on the premium video-on-demand service Disney+, where from today you can watch it for ‘just’ £19.99 as well as the cost of your monthly subscription. Disney plus, indeed. Still, leaving aside the dubious morality of such a pricing strategy in these embattled times, and leaving even farther aside Disney’s wonky argument that 20 quid (plus) is still a bargain if there’s a whole family watching, how good is the actual movie? It adheres pretty closely to the plot of the 1998 animation, which was itself inspired by a Chinese folk tale, the Ballad of Mulan, about a heroic teenage girl who disguises herself as a man to fight off the rampaging Huns.