The world is battling the COVID-19 global health emergency. In these tough times, those nations who stood strong and faced obstacles are remembered in history. Among them, Pakistan’s Health Professionals are on top of the list. COVID-19 doctors and paramedics hired by Sindh Govt for 89 days.

More than one thousand doctors and more than fifteen hundred Staff Nurses who were already Written qualified from all districts of Sindh joined the health department. Sindh has declared “emergency. Sindh as well other provinces of the country were the epicentre of COVID19. 

Since that time these doctors have been working on the front line leading to fight the war against COVID-19. They have played a vital role in containing the virus, regardless of serious consequences. They have worked for long hours shifts in Intensive Care Units, Higher Dependency Units and Isolation wards. They went door to door, in order to implement the “Track, Trace and Treat” policy. Despite the fact, many of them doctors keep risking their own life.

These doctors were hired on a provision in their contract to be extended or regularised based on their services. Pakistan has been highlighted in international media outfits, such as CNN and BBC for successfully combating the deadly virus pandemic. Other countries are trying to learn from Pakistan about what measures have been taken to mitigate the pandemic.

These doctors demand acknowledgement of their efforts from the Government of Sindh.


Khairpur Mirs.