ISLAMABAD (APP)- The Ajoka Theater staged its popular performance Hotel Mohenjodaro based on a short story by Ghulam Abbas here Sunday at the auditorium of National Art Gallery. Adapted and Directed by Shahid Nadeem, the play portrayed the story Dhanak written by Ghulam Abbas featuring various issues of a society ruled by religious fanatics and its overwhelming aftermaths. The picture of Pakistan painted in this story was considered far-fetched and unimaginable as the scenario of Ghulam Abbas seemed a spectra created by the rich and cynical imagination of a story- teller. The story was written in the mid-1960s while today, the story seems to be so close to the present day ugly reality that is hard to believe that a writer could have foretold it with such uncanny accuracy. It highlights the retrogressive and intolerant ideology of religious fundamentalists, propagating an orthodox, rigid interpretation of Islam. The event was jointly organized by Pakistan National Council of the Arts, CDA and Ajoka Theater to celebrate Spring Theater Festival. Director General PNCA, Naeem Tahir speaking on the occasion said that Ajoka has promoted theater in Pakistan by blending traditional theater forms with modern techniques to provide entertainment which has a social purpose. There is a need to understand such social issues with a practical approach to promote a positive environment in a society for the sake of peace and stability in the region, he added.