The current fresh and vigorous wave of bomb blasts, killings of innocent citizens and the security personnel and the hair-raising incident of the flogging of a teenage girl in Swat publicly have snatched smiles from the faces of the countrymen. These agonising incidents have revived the atmosphere of mourning and gloom throughout the country. In the past few days more than 150 people have lost their lives in the gory bomb blasts in different parts of the country. The siege of Manawan Police Training Centre; suicide blast at a crowded mosque in Bajaur during Friday prayers last month; suicide attack at the entrance of Special Branch of Police at Sitara Market, Islamabad; Saturdays attack on FC Islamabad and Sundays bomb blast at an Imambargah in Chakwal, near Rawalpindi, have created a reign of terror throughout the country and shocked the countrymen and overseas Pakistanis. It is a talk of the town now that hardly after a gap of one month from the Mumbai attacks, a vigorous drive of terror had been kicked off in different parts of Pakistan. The government, police and security experts believe that militants have expedited their nasty agenda of creating anarchy, bloodshed and frustration in the country in connivance with foreign elements. But from where they are getting tens of millions of rupees to carry on their activities and from whom they are getting plenty of deadly weapons, explosive materials and for how long the innocent people and security personnel would be killed in the ongoing blood-stained campaign that is the gift of war-on-terror agenda of the United States. These are the questions that are arising in the minds of the innocent and sane elements in the society. The renewed incidents of bomb blasts have exposed the governments capability to tame the terrorists, militants and to maintain law and order situation in the country. Instead of issuing hollow and traditional statements, the rulers should prove their worth by controlling the bomb blasts. Because for how long the innocent people of the country would continue to lose their lives in the so-called war on terror. Is it not an irony that Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan where the government has put in place maximum security measures, is not safe from the penetration of the suicide bombers. If the capital of Pakistan is not out of the reach of the terrorists, how the government and the security agencies would be able to protect the people living in the far-flung cities and towns. It is very disturbing that the terrorists and their masters have accelerated the suicide blasts in Pakistan at a time when the country had just come out of the political chaos. It is no more a secret that over a dozen affluent businessmen in Karachi are paying a handsome amount of money to some top leaders of the militants. And this 'charity is being counted as one of the key reasons of calm and peace in this mega city of the country that is also the financial hub of Pakistan. Do the wealthy people of the other big cities too follow the same mechanism to get rid of suicide attacks, militancy and bomb blasts? The way the terrorists and militants are playing with the lives of the security personnel and common people in different parts of the country, it appears that the existing security arrangements are inadequate to overcome the ongoing reign of terror. And if the militants continued to chase their agenda with the current pace for another couple of weeks, the countrymen would completely lose their faith in government regarding the security and protection of the people. On Sunday the entire nation mourned the killings of people in the last weeks blasts and the flogging of a girl in Swat. The security analysts and journalists who know the mindset of Taliban believe that the flogging of girl in Swat was not a new incident. In the past several incidents of flogging and butchering of girls had taken place that did not reach the media. The only unique thing in the recent flogging was that it was done publicly that created a stir in the country and abroad.