PESHAWAR - Dozens of Taliban militants entered Gokand Valley, Buner, from adjacent district Swat via Kareer Pass in the night between Saturday and Sunday causing unrest among the dwellers. On the other hand, the traditional Jirga, attended by elders from all over the Buner District on Sunday reaffirmed that they would defend their land and vowed to pull out Taliban from their area. Earlier, boarding on around one dozen luxurious vehicles, Taliban militants entered Gokand Valley and occupied several hujras in different villages. They were joined by some of their local supporters who were associated with different religious groups. Soon after the entrance of Taliban, the socio-politico circles of Buner convened an emergency jirga. The jirga discussed in detail the situation and unanimously decided to resist Taliban. In this respect, announcements are being made through loudspeakers and thousands of people from all over Buner came out with arms and rushed towards Gokand Valley. The jirga has decided to send a team of banned Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat Muhammadi (TNSM) to Gokand to convince Taliban for retreat, otherwise the local people would attack them. Similarly the administration has also deployed heavy contingents of police force in Bagra and cordoned off certain hujras where the militants are camping. The jirga warned the militants of stern action if they didnt leave the area till 10:00am on Monday. It is worth mentioning here that Taliban have been repulsed by local people twice since November 2007.