GERI HALLIWELL has confirmed that she has no plans to return to pop music in the near future. The singer has concentrated on her new career as a childrens author since completing work on the Spice Girls reunion tour last year. Speaking in an interview with Red magazine, Halliwell explained: Everybody has their moment and their time. Let somebody else have a crack at it. There are younger people around now. I didnt want to have to stay young in order to sell records. And I didnt want to have to rely on my looks. She added: I dont want to say never, though. Who knows? I could do a record when Im 60. DS Halliwell also told the magazine that she is in talks to turn her Ugenia Lavender books into a cartoon series. We all have talents and we should use them, she said. Its nice to be able to contribute to the world. Im a natural communicator, a storyteller. DS