I wish to point out the dilapidated condition of the road between Sahiwal and Faisalabad which is about 115 Kilometers long and is coming apart at the seams owing to sheer lethargy of the high ups of the Highways Department. It is worthwhile to mention here that this road is of vital importance as it connects the entire country through Pindi Bhattian interchange with the Motorway. Though the entire road is full of depressions and potholes, it is especially in a bad way from Gojra to Tandlianwala. Owing to its bad condition, the persons frequently travelling to Faisalabad, the Manchester of Pakistan, are faced with great mental agony. A still more disturbing development, if you need one on this route, is the road from Jalla Chowk to Wattoo Jhal that has been recently dismantled, ostensibly, for constructing it afresh. There are strong apprehensions owing to previous track record of the department/contractors that this road will not be constructed anytime soon and the miseries of travelers will multiply. I earnestly request the Punjab government high ups to pay immediate attention to this serious public issue so that the public at large is saved from a lot of impending misery on this route. -SHAFQAT ALI KHAN, Sahiwal, via e-mail, March 29.