ISLAMABAD - In order to meet the growing day-to-day needs, a large number of masses has resorted to the alternative means of earning and giving home tuition is a popular form to earn additional income. People from different segments of society, either career professionals or employees of industrial sector, educationists or government personnel, have started giving tuitions to meet the contemporary challenges in the wake of unbridled inflation and sky rocketing price hikes. Home-tuition, though, an established practice, has witnessed a rapid rise over the last few years. The people affiliated with the profession opine that giving tuitions is a noble profession that wins them money, respect and also helps them in getting extra income. During a survey, those who are giving home tuition as well as the general public shared their views with TheNation with regard to coaching classes on Sunday. Rukhtaj, working in private sector said that she started giving tuitions to students at her home a couple of years back. She said she started offering coaching classes owing to the financial crisis that hit her family hard. I got married some seven years back. My husband was working abroad and we were well established. However, he lost his job and came to Pakistan. Here he faced some financial losses and then started our hard times, added Rukhtaj. The lady tutor said she stepped into professional arena to assist her husband and things started to go well gradually. I began working in an NGO. Educated as Im, I started to utilise my spare time in giving tuitions at my home, she added. Rukhtaj is a Masters degree-holder in public administration. She says, she intends to quit her regular job, but would carry on with tuitions. By the grace of God, our financial condition is stable now. I want to give maximum time to my family so I would quit my job but would carry on with tuitions. It has given me enormous confidence and help. Another part-time teacher, requesting anonymity, said that she graduated from a local college and had no activity to keep up with. My friend gave me this idea of offering tuitions and I gave it a try. There are a few kids in our street I started coaching them, it worked and parents started bringing their kids to me for tuitions. Its a very good experience and a healthy utilisation of time, she observed. Contrary to the perception of many based on the notion that offering home tuition is no big a deal, teachers think that it demands hard work, commitment and extensive knowledge to become a tutor. You need to practice thoroughly what you have to teach your students. It requires practice, study and commitment. Those who think that home-tuition brings easy money sound nanve. The students parents who pay you for their childs coaching dont approve of any loophole to be left in this regard. They demand enormous improvement in their kids grades which is not an easy task to accomplish, opined the teachers. Meanwhile, some parents who have arranged the provisions of home-tuition for their children complain of being fleeced by the tutors. There are only a few qualified and committed people in this profession but they take maximum advantage of their skills and fleece the parents by charging maximum and majority of teachers is incompetent, parents reported. The normal rates for coaching classes, per subject, range from three thousand to ten thousand rupees, depending upon the qualification, experience and reputation of the teacher. Parents also reported that several teachers in various private and government institutions were forcing the students to take tuition from them, only to make money.