ISLAMABAD - PML-Q Secretary General Mushahid Hussain urged the government to counter terrorism on war-footing by forging national unity. Addressing a Press conference here Sunday, Mushahid called for the immediate convening of All Parties Conference to combat the scourge of terrorism as according to him existing security systems had either collapsed or failed to deliver. He proposed a four-point plan to combat terror. The PML Secretary General flanked by PML Information Secretary Senator Tariq Azeem and MNA Marvi Memon condemned the attack on the FC post in Islamabad and the bombing incident in Chakwal terming them as 'crime against humanity. He said the perpetrators of the acts of terrorism were 'enemies of Islam, Pakistan and humanity. The government should establish a special Anti-Terrorism Office (ATO) in the PM Secretariat, with a Situation Room that should monitor terror situation on 24-hour basis. The authorities should track and combat terrorists and terrorism through a highly professional team of intelligence & forensic experts, political analysts, investigators and psychologists doing research & analysis, he suggested. Mushahid added that the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Special Branch of police in the provinces should be dedicated solely to combating terrorism, rather than tapping phones of journalists & opposition politicians. He also proposed a nationwide Media Awareness Plan to educate, motivate and mobilise people against terrorism. A National Alliance Against Terrorism & Extremism should be formed, beyond the political divide and include the political forces, civil society and media. The spirit should be similar to the nationwide popular upsurge on the restoration of the judiciary and rule of law, so that it could turn out to be a sustained campaign to mobilise the people on this common threat, he further asked the government. China and Iran in the recent past have complained that Pakistans soil is being used against their territories. A Chinese minister raised the issue with President Asif Ali Zardari during his last visit, he revealed. Mushahid, in categorical terms, said that the no one should be allowed to use our land against any other country. In the same manner, we must not tolerate if any other country allows its soil to be used against us, he added. He referred to Jundullah against Iran from Balochistan and the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) against China from FATA. A Special Task Force should be established including Iran and China to propose steps to eliminate this threat. He disclosed that China had also exhibited its concerns that there could be plots to disrupt its 60-year birthday celebrations that were going to be started in the October this year. Now terrorism has become the issue of the State and the frequent incidents of terror in the last few days speak volumes that our security apparatus has virtually broken down, Mushahid observed. Dubbing terrorists as the 'enemies of humanity and Islam, PML-Q secretary general said that time had come for the politicians to shun their mutual differences and knock out terrorism with full force. He regretted the fact that there was lack of coordination between intelligence agencies. The formation of a National Alliance against terror is the need of the hour, he said adding that PML-Q strongly condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. We also condemn drone attacks in Pak territories. PML-Q is also against the inclusion of India in the Coordination Group and the Pakistani government must raise the issue with US, he noted. Mushahid Hussain Sayed further said that a Muslim Coordination Group comprising Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Indonesia should be formed. He also assailed the policies of the US President Barrack Obama particularly his statement that Pakistan could not be handed over blank cheque and said that the Pakistani government should never accept conditional aid from America. He condemned the 'medieval and barbaric whipping of the girl in Swat. Speaking on the arrival of US Presidential Envoy Richard Holbrooke in Islamabad, Mushahid Hussain said that Pakistan must insist that drone attacks be stopped. Criticising the Obama Plan for its statement that 'Pakistan and Afghanistan would be treated as one theatre of operations, Mushahid Hussain said it was tantamount to erasing the Durand Line border between Pakistan & Afghanistan, while he said 'the US, conversely, is keen that the Line of Control (LOC) in Kashmir be accepted as the international boundary between Pakistan & India. Finally, Mushahid Hussain criticised the appointment of Danish Prime Minister Anders Rasmussen as NATO Secretary General given his insensitivity to Muslims during the Danish cartoon crisis, and said that since NATO was now heavily involved in Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, he should at the very least offer an apology for his arrogance and insensitivity, adding such an attitude would have been unthinkable in the case of Christianity or Judaism.