ISLAMABAD (APP)- Residents of twin cities have demanded of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for replacement of speed breakers with pedestrian bridges on Islamabad Expressway. They said that the recently installed yellow-stripped speed breakers have failed to reduce panic of both commuters as well as pedestrians as these iron speed breakers confuse the drivers as whether to pass over them fast or take a side lane causing trouble for those coming behind. Some time power wheel vehicles drivers go past them without least care. The height of breakers is too short, so many drivers cross without reducing speed at the pedestrian crossing points, Arif Hassan, a resident of Sohan town told APP. Besides, the strips were fixed at half portion of the road as two rigid lanes san such breakers and drivers of high speed vehicles especially dumpers, trailers, trucks cross the crossing points without bothering to care for the pedestrians. As a result, the pedestrians have to wait amid fast moving traffic, seriously risking their lives. I put life between devil and deep sea while crossing half of the road and are compelled to wait amid speedy heavy carriers to reach other side, added Arif. Meanwhile, students standing at newly-installed speed breaker at college stop near zero point, also identified the same issue as fast moving vehicles were witnessed slipping through the border lane by the breaker. Most of drivers put their vehicles on our side in just to avoid the breakers, said Irshad Hussain, a student of H-8 college. The pedestrians were exposed to fatal accidents after removal of pedestrian bridges and bus shelters on the highway for its expansion from four to six lanes. As per project plan, the CDA had to construct the overhead bridges in December last year, soon after completion of the expansion process but it could not meet the deadline. Similarly, the Authority has also yet to install bus shelters, dismantled along with pedestrian bridges at Sohan, Dhoke Kala Khan, Kurri Road, Zia Masjid and Iqbal town road crossings. Authorities want to satisfy us through temporary and inappropriate measures as installation of bridges seems to be in doldrums, remarked Sajjad Akram, a resident of Dhoke Kala Khan. Meanwhile, a senior official of the CDA, confirmed to this news agency that the speed breakers at some points including Sohan town stop were damaged within month of their installation. He claimed that the yellow strip soft breakers were not locally made rather imported. However, the official could not fix the cause for their un-sustainability and said that some miscreants had broken the speed breakers during protest demonstrations. They the strips, which resulted in cuts on their surface, he said. CDA engineering department has conducted survey. and a damage assessment report has already been submitted with the concerned department, the civic body official added.