LAHORE - People are experiencing great hardships due to closure of Lahore-Kasur wagon service plying from Niazi Chowk to Kasur. The wagon service passed through Bund Road, Chowk YateemKhana, Chauburji, Bahawalsher Road, Mozang, Ichhra, Muslim Town and other localities on the Ferozepur Road. It was a link between Multan Road and Ferozepur Road and people travelling from dozens of localities situated around Bund Road, Multan Road and Ferozepur Road were benefiting from service. Thousands of people travel on this route daily to reach their workplaces, educational institutions and houses at affordable fare. However, they are now facing great difficulty as they are held up at Mozang, Ichhra, Muslim Town and localities at Multan Road and have either to hire rickshaws or travel the long distances by using two to three wagons or buses, thus spending double or triple times more on transportation than they had to pay for the single wagon service. The route was operating since the last many years due to public demand but abruptly closed down recently. Due to rush of commuters, the wagons drivers operate stealthily by changing their signboards and taking turns from the streets to escape from the eyes of the traffic wardens, therefore opening new opportunities for corruption to the liking of related officials. The route has been cancelled perhaps on the plea that some of the wagons drivers did not complete their route and returned from Kalma Chowk, Model Town Crossing, Qainchi or Chungi Amar Sidhu instead of going up to Kasur. But, it is a common menace with the wagon drivers plying on different routes. Most of the wagons do not cover the entire route and take a turn in the midway. It is a common complaint often leading to scuffles between the drivers and passengers. After the closure of Lahore-Kasur wagon route, the Punjab Regional Transport Authority (PRTA), introduced a mini bus route from Kasur to Lahore Railway Station, which is not alternate to Lahore Kasur wagon route as wagon turns to Multan Road from Mozang through Chauburji while the mini bus travel straight from Kasur to Railway Station through Mozang, Lytton Road, Lower Mall, Circular Road up to Railway Station where a number of mini buses and wagons already provide travelling facility to the people. Similarly Bus route number 28 from Niazi Chowk to Bhatti Chowk has also been closed down putting the passengers at the mercy of the transporters. The bus travelled after every 10 minutes carrying hundreds of passengers through Chowk Yateemkhana and Multan Road, which has been taken up by the wagons now resulting in mushrooming of wagons at the Multan Road, the most insecure and congested mode of transportation. Due to the hundreds of wagons plying on this route, traffic remains regularly jam at Chowk Yateemkhana causing mental exhaustion and torture to the pedestrians and motorists.