A handful of terrorists have played havoc with the city, this time at the Police Academy itself, which trains the so-called Elite Force also. I have some questions for the authorities; 1. How have these armed men entered a Police Academy? What were the guards doing? I know the answer. They were in police uniform. But, then, how were they allowed to carry so much ammunition in their backpacks? It does seem rather funny. 2. Who is commanding the force that is fighting them on this day while I write this letter? Army has its own officer-incharge, the Rangers have their own and the Elite Police have their own chief. Who holds the unity of command here? Looking on our TV screens, it is all confusion, commotion and pandemonium. 3. This is the second organised attack within a month. Some one should resign. Better still, more than one person should resign. 4. What are our heavily reinforced intelligence agencies doing? Are they busy rounding up political activists? Why couldn't they detect the training camp of these terrorists? This incident has made citizens sure now that those who are supposed to protect the ordinary citizens cannot even take care of their own set ups, what to talk of protecting them. Qaddafi Stadium and FIA Building are not yet forgotten. Let us call a spade a spade for once. Governance is not a game of novices. Those at helm at present please quit and make way for some competent people so that the citizens can heave a sigh of relief. -AMJAD H. MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, March 30.