LAHORE - The each TMO of Lahore had been assigned a tedious and challenging task to manage 500 pigeons and 2000 balloons by the administration. These pigeons and balloons were to be released on 'Thanksgiving Day that PML-N was all set to celebrate in front of Punjab assembly on the evening of April 5. There are nine TMOs in Lahore. Each was given the task to bring 500 pigeons and 2000 balloons. The plan was to release about 4500 pigeons and 18000 balloons as a mark of jubilation and thankfulness. The hapless TMOs were finding it difficult to find the pigeons in such a large numbers despite all the efforts they could make. As a last resort, these TMOs using their discretion sent their juniors outside the city to find pigeons if they could. However, TMOs are lucky to get more time to manage the pigeons as the ceremony was cancelled after the Chakwal tragedy. The PML-Ns 'Thanksgiving Day was organised to celebrate the restoration of Shahbaz-led Punjab government within the premises of the provincial assembly. But despite all preparation, the function was deferred after the barbaric incident in Chakwal. An MNA and son of CM Punjab Hamza Shahbaz was the chief guest on this occasion with leading lights from the party expected to attend the colourful festivity. Arrangements for the show started on Saturday night. A special container was placed to serve as stage. Trucks loaded with chairs and other furniture kept unloading the material within the premises of the Punjab government till the dawn. The stage covered by sheath was fully ready after it was combed by security agencies. Audio system was also made ready for the programme. Sitting arrangements on the stage were also completed. Specials orders were also given to prepare the colourful banners reading We are Thankful for the Restoration of Punjab Govt. The banners were put on either side of The Mall in front of the assembly. In the morning, people witnessed massive exhibition of banners and pictures of Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz, Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa, Khawaja Saad Rafiq and other local leaders. Scores of workers also started thronging the venue with all set to launch the thanks-giving programme. However, it got cancelled due to Chakwal terrorism.