More then 50 persons have been killed and a hundred injured by a suicide bomb blast in a mosque during Friday prayers in Khyber agency, This is a big tragedy but the TV channels gave so little coverage to it as if it were an unimportant event. A few days back, a blast at a police check post in Islamabad killed only a single person but it was discussed at length and highlighted for several days by the media. The most gruesome of terrorist events taking place in NWFP are neglected and set aside after coverage of a few hours. This kind of attitude by the media raises some disturbing questions. Does this mean that victims of terrorism belonging to this part of the country are less important for the media? Are all parts of country and its people not the components of Pakistan which deserve to be treated and mourned evenly? A perception is rapidly developing among the masses in NWFP that when even a minor bomb blast taking place anywhere in a city of Punjab is so important for our TV channels that they are wont to postpone all routine programmes and cover it as if heavens have fallen. But the severest of terror incidents in other provinces do not command the same attention and are ignored after initial coverage. Such discriminatory attitude on the part of media does cause frustration and feeling of alienation among the people of other provinces. The managers of media should take note and change their policy in the interest of national solidarity. -A.J. KHATAK, Peshawar, via e-mail, March 28.